Our Customers Write

"Veneto Sports Awards have struck my medals.  They are reliable, and are great to work with.  If you are interested just call them and speak with April or Jeff.  They also engrave my medals for me.  They are a super duper group."

"Thank you for providing such quality medals at a competitive price. I'm sure we'll be doing more business in the future."

"Go to the Veneto Web Site!  These people are cyclists and you always wonder where I get these unique medals--it is at their store.  They are proactive, will listen to you, get the job down effeciently, and they are really friendly.  You can not go wrong with them." 

"This email is long overdue and for that I apologize! The medals are fantastic! Our competitors love them as does everyone in the office! It’s great to have a medal that speaks more to our participants with the Bridger Bowl logo - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

"I really do appreciate your outstanding customer service and commitment to excellent product!"

"Just a note to tell you that we appreciate your wonderful, personal customer service! Keep up the good work."

"It was a pleasure to work with you in getting the medals for our ski races.  It is amazing how a medal around the neck of even the most macho men can just make them melt, and smile like a kid!"

"Thank you again for all your amazing support!!"

Grazie un mondo!!! Sono MERAVIGLIOSE!!...FANTASTICHE!"

"I wish all my business contacts were as pleasant and efficient as you."

"I appreciate the personal touch I've always received from my Veneto familia!"

"I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with your medals! They look great and have a great weight to them - coupled with red/white/blue neck ribbon, they are FANTASTIC! Thank you for a great product and prompt shipping!"

"The [custom] medals arrived yesterday and they are EXCELLENT. So impressive -- clean, crisp, perfect design. Thank you!"

"How lucky for me that you are so good to your customers!"

"The medals, which I gave out to my National Latin Exam award winners yesterday, were beautifully crafted, as always. More importantly, they were enthusiastically received by the kids." 

"Thanks very much; it is always a pleasure doing business with you.  You are so pleasant, agreeable, accommodating and skilled at what you do!"

"Put any of this on your website…it’s all true. I was blown away when I received my first set of medals many years ago and will always order from Veneto.  They are so classy…far and away the nicest I’ve ever seen.  These medals instantly become the favorite of any athlete who receives one, making them feel like an Olympian.  If that weren’t enough, the people at Veneto are as classy as the product they sell. I could go on and on...I’m so happy I discovered you guys!  There’s only one problem – I don’t want anyone else to know about you.  Then my competition will have medals just as nice as mine!"

"First, I would like to thank you for the excellent work that you do for us! We are constantly complimented on the medals that you provide for the convention each summer."

"101 people at the banquet and all were so happy with the awards....The little kids' eyes and smiles were huge with the big medals around their necks."

"The medals arrived today. They are simply marvelous. Many thanks and I do hope to have the opportunity to do business with you again."

"Hello all, I recently had some medals made for our upcoming cyclocross season. In going through my notes and such I had realized I had not thanked you folks. I opened the box of medals when they arrived, on time, I was VERY happy with what I saw. The artist at your end did an excellent job in working with the image I provided. The medals are a hit! I look forward to using Veneto awards again for any future needs."

"The medals just arrived today.  They look great!  I can’t wait to show them to everyone.  I think every rider that receives one will be really impressed with the quality and design… and those that don’t will be jealous!  It’s certainly something they will be proud to display in their home for years to come.  Thank you so much for working on these for us, and for getting them to me so quickly. "

"These people are cyclists and you always wonder where I get these unique medals, it is their store.  They are proactive, will listen to you, get the job down efficiently, and they are really friendly.  You can not go wrong with them."

"Wouldn't go with anyone else. I love you guys!"

"Thanks for your hard work in making such a quality product for our race series....its sure to go over big with our winners!!"

"The medals are much better than hoped for!!! The racers and club members loved them. Thanks and we'll be back for more."

"I received our medals on Monday and they are AWESOME!!!  Can't wait to award them. Thank you for a job well done.  It was a pleasure working with you."

"We had teams coming from as far away as Florida and Pennsylvania competing in our event. We received positive feedback from our participants on the medals. They are unique and well done. We look forward to working with you guys again."

"Thank you so much, you are great to work with. I truly appreciate your patience, follow through and attention to detail."

"Thank you for all your help...you ROCK!"

"I received my order of bocce medals and they look outstanding! Glad to have found your company and am happy that your products are fantastic!"

"... it's been a pleasure doing business with you. I got very good feedback from medal winners at this morning's race, especially from race walkers, about how excited they were with their medals. Several had never seen awards with race walking graphics before. Great job!"

"I was so pleased by the quality of your products and wonderful personal service I received."

"The main reason I am writing is to thank you for the medals. I have heard only positive comments from people about how nice they are. They are a nice, large size. They have some weight to them and don't feel tinny like some others. I will highly recommend them to other race directors in our league."

"Thank you very very much for taking this small order so seriously. The student receiving this award was awestruck."

"Thank you for eight years of great service. You have provided us with great quality medals and trophies for our events and we are grateful to you. You are one of a kind in this world today. Thanks again for all you have done for our club."

"It is refreshing to work with people who support a wholesome activity like orienteering and that show such enthusiasm for what they do."

"You have been a pleasure to work with. That is such a change these days. I will highly recommend you to others I know."

"You have done it again! The medals are great, everyone loves them. We can't wait to give these out at the race. The detail and quality of each medal is better than we could have hoped for. You have the best and most reasonable priced medals that I have found in four years of promoting races. Thank you for helping us put on a quality event by making available such nice awards. Keep up the good work."

"Due to the superb quality of the medals that we received from you last year, and because of the excellent and fast service, we will definitely be ordering medals from Veneto this year."

"Many thanks for the medals. They all look so different and interesting."

"The awards were amazing! Your choices were perfect! It has been great getting to know you guys and we appreciate the quality and excellent service you guys provided for us."

"The European-made awards were exquisite. They were the quality of those presented at the Tour de France, and as nice as I have seen."

"Veneto Sport Awards is the source of some fabulous medals. These medals are imported from Italy and are beautifully detailed...a class act. You'll find that these are the best racewalk medals on the market by far. They are also the least expensive, and the service is fantastic."

"I just wanted to write a brief letter to thank you for the outstanding work you did on our mountain bike race medals. In the face of overwhelming obstacles (primarily me goofing the order up), you remained cheerful and helpful. In this world, in which people seem to care so little about their work and even less about other peoples' satisfaction with the work done, it is indeed refreshing to do business with someone who has their customer's needs at heart. Everything got here and looked great. Thank you for your hard work and fine craftsmanshop. I look forward to doing business with you the next race I promote."

"Veneto Sports Awards are the BEST!! Excellent quality, wide variety -- even a TT medal now --and great service. I pity the poor races that still use ***** ****** -- yuck!"

"Thank you so, so, so much for your professionalism and prompt delivery of the medals and plaques I ordered for our final Latin Club event of the year. The students loved the medals and the seniors who received the plaques were delighted with them. I can't thank you enough - your products added that special touch that made our Latin Club Olympics, a very memorable occasion for all involved. Please keep me informed of your current product lines etc. You can depend on repeat business from our Latin Club."

"Veneto Sport Awards do a fantastic job for us with the bike race each year. The medals look great, and they are done promptly for a very good price. Better still, the family is a cycling family involved in the sport."

"Thanks for all the terrific effort you've put into this! It's great having such service for such a small order."

"You have a very devoted following up here in Central New York. I hope it continues to grow."

"I've been working with Veneto Sport Awards, a small medal-importing business in NJ. You'll see some of their stuff at the Feast. These people are absolutely amazing. Not only are their prices dirt cheap, but their service is the best. The orders I've done with them have been tiny, but nonetheless, they've treated me like a big client. Fast response, fast turnaround time, infinite patience, you name it. Insofar as their quality of merchandise, well, like I said, you'll see some of it at the Feast. It's excellent stuff. "


"Last year the winning team was a very decorated group.  Medals from bocce tournaments all across the country.  Walking out of our venue the champions turned to the local press and said, 'I own many medals,' and holding up his recent award, he continued, "but this is the one I am proudest to own, it is like the Olympics.'  I will always reward my champions with your great awards."

"I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and patience that you had in making our medals. Our team building event is going to be wonderful because of your efforts. You were a pleasure to work with and I hope we'll be able to do business again!"

"Got the order!! Thanks for your service- you saved our Championships:) You are a great company, you have always delivered; that is why I have continued to do business with you for the past 7 years."

"What great service you provide!! You were recomended highly, now I understand why."

"For medals I use Veneto Sport Awards. Jeff is my point of contact and has high quality medals at reasonable prices. Engraving is excellent and he hasn't missed an on-time delivery with me in over 15 years. I use him for both shooting and orienteering medals. If you send him an email, he will send you a link with pictures of all the medals he can get.

"Wow!  Even faster than usual!!  I guess I could have procrastinated longer :-). You guys are awesome!"

"Thank you again for all your amazing support!!"

"Fantastic- I really do appreciate your outstanding customer service and commitment to excellent product!"

"Thank you April, I just got them! They're GORGEOUS! I look forward to working with you in the future!"

"You are the best. Do you guys ever sleep?"

"The box with this year’s lot of Veneto prize medals just arrived, and – as always – they look splendid!  So GRATIAS MAXIMAS to you for perennially providing the best swag for the deserving Latinists in my program – and at prices that my district seems quite willing to meet without grumbling!!"

"The medals we wonderful. You guys have lived up to everything Roger said you were. Thank you. Thank you again for helping a newbie get through this process."

"Thank you for your very prompt and cheerful service. Once again you've saved me."

"You are wonderful!  Thank you so much."

"Event is over and all went very well. Thanks again for jumping in at last minute! We will definitely keep you in mind for our future events, your support and service were excellent. It has been great working with you and hopefully next year, but with a much earlier start date!"

"Thank you so much for the medals - they were well-received and looked great!"

"The package from Veneto arrived a couple of days ago and – as always – its contents were beautiful to behold.  The three big gold engraved medallions for my senior Latinists were as handsome as I knew they’d be; I know that they’ll be pleased to receive such token of my esteem."


"Thanks, as ever, for providing such cool medals, which are an annual hit at our school’s foreign language awards night."

"Wanted to take a minute to thank you for your quick response to my order, no matter how small it was.  The product is excellent, I will send some pictures from next Fridays presentation.  Thanks again you were so kind, and look forward to more and more orders from us.  I will refer you to the other clubs in SunCity."

"Thanks again for your AWESOME work !!!"

"Holy smokes, that was fast!  Wow, I'm impressed."

"Thank you so much.  They are absolutely beautiful.  Sorry that I was such a high maintenance client!  We really appreciate you guys."

"They arrived yesterday! And they are perfect and look beautiful. Thank you so much--it has truly been a pleasure!"

"Ben, meet Veneto.  They are the nicest, most prompt, reliable trophy group I know."

"Thanks much for your usual excellent service."

"Awesome, thank you so much!"

"You're the best, April!"

"I have the awards in hand. Thank you for the quick turn-around----you’re a life-saver."


The awards have arrived!  It is like Christmas.  They look amazing!  Thank you, we are proud to present them to our athletes!

"Veneto Sport Awards is a premier sports awards and engraving business owned and operated by a wonderful family.  My organization used to patronize a different business and I was unhappy with the level of service.  A colleague suggested Veneto and we've never looked back.  They are fast and friendly and always deliver top-notch service and products.  This should be your first and last stop for all your award and engraving needs."