vinyl insert with epoxy dome


Neck Ribbons  •  Pin Drapes  •  Keychains

• All prices are retail. We do not sell wholesale.

• We do not offer volume discounts on stock medals.

• No returns.

  1-1/4" diameter


2-3/4" diameter


1-5/8" diameter


2" diameter


Our neck ribbons are available in three sizes, proportionate to our medals (as shown above). They, as well as our pin drapes, are available in a large assortment of colors and in numerous two and three-color combinations. Keychains are available in gold, silver, and bronze.

1-1/2" wide  -   45¢

7/8" wide  -  35¢

1/2" wide* - 25¢

Pin drapes  -  30¢

Keychains  -  50¢

*(red/white/blue striped only)

Neck ribbons and pin drapes are available in all of these colors, and in many combinations.

Our engraving charge is 5¢ per letter (no logos). Unused engraved medals can be repurposed by applying our engraveable aluminum discs to cover the engraving. They come in gold, silver, and bronze, in several sizes proportionate to our medals. Or, you can cover the engraving with a custom vinyl sticker.

We offer full-color vinyl inserts topped by a clear epoxy dome, and clear vinyl stickers, both printed with your logo and text. Pricing is dependent upon the insert or sticker size. Please note that all stickers must have the same text (no multiple classes, age groups, genders, placings, or names.)  A line chage fee will be applied to orders with changes in text.

clear vinyl sticker

Engraving  •  Custom Printed Vinyl Inserts and Stickers


1/2" ribbon

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Our medals are MADE IN ITALY of solid brass. They come in either a gold, silver, or bronze finish, and feature a diamond-cut rim which gives them a distinctive and elegant look.

We specialize in medals for the following sports and subjects, all of which we offer in a large variety of designs, and in several sizes. Each activity has its own dedicated brochure, which can be viewed on this site by authorized users.  Just click on the sport/subject below to request the link to its brochure.

Medals for the following sports are primarily available in the 1-1/4" diameter size. Many of them can be seen on the

Medal Gallery page.

Available Brochures


road cycling, time trial, cyclocross, mountain bike, downhill

Fencing   •   Ice Hockey    Bocce

   Classical Latin Language   •  Italian Language

Orienteering  •  Running & Racewalking

Snow Sports

alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, nordic skiing, biathlon, snowboarding

Our medals are available in three sizes, with some designs available in an extra large size as well.

Each size is available with either a gold, silver, or bronze finish.

1-1/2" ribbon

7/8" ribbon

Sizes and Prices